Welcome to Lyngua Translations!

Hello! Welcome to the website and blog of Lyngua Translations. 

We are Irene and Carla, two friends and translators that decided to undertake this business together to join forces and offer you the best from each of us. 

Even though there is some information about us in the “About Us” section, we want you to know us well. We are two girls who met the first day at the University, and since then we have worked as a team. What started as some group assignments in university ended up being one great project: working together as a translation agency. Our dream of creating a company together, born during lunch, has grown and become a reality after months of work and preparation. It has been possible due to our compatibility: we have the same eye for detail, objectives and a solid work dynamic. That is why, starting today, we can offer you translations to your taste.

From web translation to instruction manuals, we try our best to help you with your projects like you help us with ours. Carla focuses more on audiovisual and web translation due to her specialization through her Master’s in Audiovisual Translation: Localization, Subtitling and Dubbing; Irene, on the other hand, focuses more on literary and French to Spanish translation thanks to her experience. You can find all of our services in the “Services” section, so you can contact us through the formulaire and our social media platforms if you are interested. We will also include in this blog posts about translation and languages for your entertainment. 

We will happily hear from you.

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